Teo Monsalve (Quito 1988) is a visual artist with a focus on painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, installation, and performance. By exploring themes related to the natural world of the Andes and the Amazon region of Ecuador, Monsalve is invested in developing and entangling a conversation with a variety of topics including history and landscape painting, the idea of the exotic as well as the sublime experience of nature. He has worked collaboratively with musicians as a way of expanding the rhythmic and vibrational elements of his aesthetic experiments. The predominant concerns in his practice are engaged with ideas of interculturality, interspecies relationships, geographical context and metamorphosis, both mythological and botanical. Weaving multiple narratives, drawn from his home country of Ecuador and his experience of living and studying in Canada Monsalve brings to his practice a range of influences reflecting a multicultural voice and his mestizo relationship with the Americas and the larger global sphere.