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It’s a series of reconfigured constellations through time. I take as a departing point and a material ground the constellations from the 1600 Stellar Atlas, Uronometría, published by the German Lawyer and astronomer Johan Bayer. The Project takes form of paintings and collages that collide worlds together through images. In this collision are involved divergent times and places that when they collide into each other they generate a new creative force by which new relational cosmogonies emerge through image and matter. The Project contrives as an assemblage in which each piece acts as a window that shows a distinct visual gestures, the experimental nature by which the materials have been applied makes of the method a way of visualizing different ways of making, thinking and being together. In a formal aspect the project doesn’t have a defined identity, is the tentacular exercise of connecting different cultural references, narratives and images where a discourse is formed in symbiosis. The pieces weave together references that can be read from a plurality of perspectives. I propose an interdisciplinary dialogue by taking from divergent histories of representation like painting history or natural history and collide them together on a same image that acts as a string figure. The result is an interstitial art form that moves though different disciplines with the end of proposing a way of thinking that manifest itself through images.

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